Your Dog's License

The benefits to you and the citizens of Klamath County

  • When your dog is wearing it's license it can be identified and returned to you as soon as possible.
  • The purpose and priorities of Klamath County Animal Control are to protect the health, safety and welfare of people and their pets, provide education on the animal welfare laws, and the enforcement of those laws.
  • The cost of a dog license is only pennies a day. When you buy a license you are funding your department, license fees are the only resources this department receives. The services could be improved by greater participation of dog owners purchasing a license. One third to one half of all dogs in Klamath County are not licensed.
  • The funding provided by dog license fees enables the department to enforce animal control laws in Klamath County this includes investigating neglect and abuse, performing rescues, returning lost dogs to their owner, resolving nuisance dog issues and other dog related incidents.  Related responsibilities included assisting law enforcement agencies with investigations, controlling and/or containing animals during searches, arrests, motor vehicle accidents and other emergency situations.
  • For more information call us at 541-882-1279 or email: animalcontrol@klamathcounty.org






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